see to

see to
ATTEND TO, deal with, see about, take care of, look after, sort out, fix, organize, arrange.

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: to take care of : attend to

saw to the education of the children — Nancy Mitford

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see to
1. To look after
2. To make sure about
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ˈsee to [transitive] [present tense I/you/we/they see to he/she/it sees to present participle seeing to past tense saw to past participle seen to] phrasal verb
to deal with or take responsibility for someone or something

You try to get some sleep, I’ll see to the children’s breakfast.

have/get/something seen to:

You’d better take her to hospital and get her ankle seen to.

see to it that:

I should have seen to it that she was told.

Thesaurus: to take charge, or to try to take chargesynonym to try to deal with a problem or difficultysynonym
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see to [phrasal verb]
1 see to (something) : to do or provide what is needed for (something)

His uncle saw to his education. [=his uncle made the necessary payments, arrangements, etc., for his education]

The hotel staff saw to [=attended to] my every need.

: to deal with (something)

I have to see to [=attend to] dinner.

I'll see to your order at once.

You really ought to have that rash seen to by a doctor.

2 see to it : to make sure that something is done

Can you see to it that everyone gets a copy of this memo?

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Main Entry:see

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